Covid Officer Update: Spectators

We continue to listen to your feedback and have seen and heard several queries around the government guidance in relation to spectators.

We wanted to clarify this for you to ensure you feel supported and reassured that your netball activity is providing the safest possible environment for participants.

There are differences in the guidance for activity taking place on public and private land which could be causing some confusion.

Private land (lots of netball takes place here) – spectators are not permitted other than in exceptional circumstances, such as adults who are required to provide care or assistance to a person with a disability or additional specific needs. As it is private land people shouldn’t ‘happen’ to just be there so therefore should not be anyone other than those involved in the activity present.

Public land (often lots of sports like football and rugby takes place here) – it is understood that there may be others using the land who are able to ‘view’ the activity taking place in groups of no more than six or two households. It is not expected that sports organisations ask people to move on from public land.

Public land includes places like parks and open spaces whereas private land includes school sites and leisure facilities.

In either case (public or private), sports organisations should not be encouraging people to spectate or view.