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Head Coach Kim Hayton

Kim Hayton – Head Coach

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Netball has been my passion (other than family and dogs) since I started playing at school over 50 years ago. Since then I’ve played on the circuit in two counties with most of my club games in the North West. In 1990, along with two other keen netballers, we formed an adult club that plays competitively in the Greater Manchester Evening League. I still have a run out occasionally, but my old bones are rather less capable than they used to be!

Coaching now forms most of my netball career with over 35 years’ experience under my belt. I finally took my Level 2 award 12 years ago as I thought it was about time. Since then, as well as the adult coaching, I’ve coached in junior and secondary schools as well as at junior
clubs. I am also a B award umpire – a deadly combination – player, coach and umpire. I make no apologies for being opinionated about this fantastic sport and am also definitely considered a performance coach due to my commitment and drive to help players reach their potential.

My aim as a coach is to give the girls the opportunity to be the best that they can be. With that comes some lifelong lessons that will help them through their life’s journey. Netball is a strong, competitive but inclusive sport. It can be tough, painful (emotionally and physically) but hugely rewarding. It gives each individual the chance to improve mental health, physical strength, communication skills, resilience and self-esteem.

I’ve made many great friends along the way and the girls will find valuable friendships, a great social life and a sport that will be with them forever. What’s not to love?


Helen Walsh

Coach Helen Walsh

Year 7 Performance

Year 7 Development


At the age of 8 I remember listening to my school teacher go through the 7 positions in a netball team. Unfortunately at the time we were sitting in a classroom behind desks, but I was able to visualise each position, and thought wow, what a fab game. Whilst sitting there I knew I wanted to be a GA! From then on I started playing for school and Lancashire County, then later on for Cheshire Seniors and currently for Priestnal NC in the Manchester league, where mentally I still feel 21 when I get on court, but physically it’s a little harder to get out of the car when I arrive home.

I did my C award umpiring 26 years ago as well as my level 2 EN Coaching award. Since 1998 I have therefore been using my qualifications, at Lymm HS and at times for Priestnal Ladies NC…until one Sunday morning in 2015, whilst having a coffee in Altrincham with a few others, we decided to set up Altrincham Junior Netball Club, the rest is history!

Coaching at AJNC has been constantly busy (both on and off court), but also so amazingly rewarding and inspiring.

My main mantra in coaching is to progress, whatever level the player will reach, let’s always try to improve through working hard and having fun resulting in them physically challenging themselves, meeting friends and hopefully playing netball well into adult life.


Steve Leigh

Coach Steve Leigh

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Year 10 Development

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Jo Storey

coach Jo

Coach Jo Storey

Year 9 Development

Year 11 Development


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Debs Stewart

Coach Debs Stewart

Year 5 Development

Year 6 Development

Year 6 Performance


I have been playing netball for as long as I can remember, originally representing my school team in about 1988, when I was in Y4!

That’s ancient history now though and the girls won’t believe netball was even invented then.

In the years that have passed, I have played in school teams, with university friends and for Warrington Town. I still play netball now, but more in a social level.

Netball even got me a job that I love and friends that last a lifetime.

I have been so well-supported by Altrincham Netball Club, who have guided me on the journey from player to coach and I really appreciate this.

I am committed to doing my best and will share my love of netball with the girls I am fortunate enough to manage, and hope that they too enjoy the lifetime of netball ahead


Nikki Baker

Coach Nikki Baker

Year 3

Year 4


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Our commitment to the next generation of coaches

Altrincham Junior Netball Club are keen to hear from qualified England Netball Level 2 coaches to support our growing club.  We are also committed to developing talent within the club and have a Junior Coaching Programme which supports members to gain the England Netball Level 1 coaching qualification as well as enhancing our training sessions by having more experienced netballers at training sessions to support our members.

The objective of our Junior Coaching Programme is to encourage players to gain their coaching qualifications with the support and mentoring of club coaches.  This will not only give them a better understanding of the game but will provide skills that will support them now and into the future.


Our plan is to provide our younger year groups with junior coaches who will be supported by a Level 2 coach at training sessions.  Juniors will be encouraged to participate at a level appropriate to the age of the children in the group and to build rapport, communication skills as well as developing their own knowledge of the game and coaching techniques.


So far, the following girls are part of this exciting new programme: