AGM 2021

Minutes made easy: (AGM 19/10/2021)

TM/DTM – squad jobs!

(We totally understand that people are busy and volunteer for many other things as well as have family and work commitments, but if you can help at a match, while you are there anyway, this would be hugely helpful).

Main TM role – Teamer availability / communication with coach

DTM main role – support TM when needed in the week and on match day

JOBS (to be shared with parents if TM and DTM require)

  • Cash collection of match fees and payment to organisers and/or umpires (CJNL league only)
  • Kit bag – ensure this is at every match (bibs washed when required, first aid complete)
  • Match day form – complete and give in / email – (GM and CJNL only)
  • Social media link – photos sent to Social media team (every now and again)

The jobs above can be shared so if any parents are keen to help on the day e.g. always collect money and pay then please offer to the TM, if you are not going to a match then please just sort with a parent who is and let the TM know. 

The TM should not really be doing any of the above match day jobs if there is NO COACH available on the day, as they will need to prioritise the girls and positions. 

  • MATCH DAY – adult numbers, please make sure there are at least 3 adults on courtside to assist especially if there is not coach at the match. Scorer is needed and at least 2 to help with the players match and any injuries etc. (Each venue used has first aiders present, you are not expected to administer first aid but just to assist the child and get a first aider from main reception if/when necessary).
  • TOURNAMENTS – as above, but the club now have decided that at least 4 adults are needed at a tournament with each squad, (adults can obviously swap half-way through etc., but please don’t leave just a TM/DTM with a team for the day). Girls go off to toilets/refreshments/spectating friends etc. and we need to have supervision of them, not only to get them on to court on time for each match, but also to keep them safe in some very busy environments. 


  • All girls should be wearing training tops to training – see kit form on the website 
  • All girls must bring their ball to training
  • Absence from training – please message your coach if possible before training
  • Illness (not covid related) – please don’t send your daughter to training if she is not feeling very well as it will not help her or the squads. It will be difficult to sort selection for matches if she is unable to perform at 100%
  • Toilet trips – please make sure girls go to the toilet before training starts. At Wellington HS in particular the toilets are in another building, which in the dark winter months is not ideal for anyone to go alone. Yr3/4/5/6 will be supervised by a leader or adult. Yr7 and above will go in a maximum of 2s. Some of the girls are without a doubt taking far too long at the toilets. It is hugely disruptive to the session when girls are constantly going off for toilet breaks. Please just speak to your daughters about this and make sure they prepare if possible. We totally understand the girls, especially the older ones, will need to go occasionally in the middle of a session or whenever needed, but please ask them to be as quick as possible. Finally if your daughter has medical needs for more toilet breaks, please let the coach know.  
  • Ideally we could do with a parent helper at training especially at the larger sessions. If anyone would like to assist with this please contact



  • AVAILABILITY – all players/parents must have filled in availability on TEAMER by Thursday 9am before the match that week or before this if your coach/TM requires -If you fail to do this you potentially cannot be included in the squad for the Sunday match.
  • PUNCTUALITY – all players must be at matches at least 10 mins before allocated start time – if this is not adhered to the player may potentially not play many quarters (This is essential as payment/register forms/warm up/bibs etc. all need to be sorted)
  • PAYMENT – please where possible bring the correct change for match fees 
  • KIT – all players must be in club kit with club hoodies, we need to be as professional as we can, looking like a team/club and mentally having this start when we take to the court for the warm up.

Coaches at Matches

  • AJNC currently have 24 squads: 18 playing in the Ball Hall league; 8 playing in the CJNL; 3 playing in the GMJNL. Between the 3 leagues there are 8/9 venues coaches are having to go to. We only have 5 coaches which is not ideal at all, and is a club priority at the moment to find more coaches for 2 main reasons:
  1. Coaches can focus on a maximum of 4 teams to allow more quality and personal feedback
  2. More coaches to be available at matches to assist players and TMs
  • Coaches have been spending 7 hours+ s on Sundays at matches as well as travelling all over Cheshire to try and cover these. We cannot allow this to happen anymore. Coaches will now work out a rotation between their teams ensuring that every third week they manage to watch all their teams, however they will still be in contact with TMs about starting 7s and positional play. Coaches at times depending on venues and match times may be able to do more, but until we have employed more coaches we are sticking to this.
  • Managing a team when Coaches are not present – TMs and DTMs will have to manage positional play each quarter, this is really hard to do so please support them on the decisions made. The coach will advise them so any changes (apart from injuries), will be due to the coaches instructions to the TM/DTM. 


  • We are changing the date of the AGM which is not ideal in October, but had to be carried out as dates had changed due to covid. The next AGM will be held at the beginning of May.

COMMITTEE MEETING (TMs and committee members)

  • There will be 2x committee meetings in a calendar year. The next one will be late March

(Both the above meetings will coincide with new seasons/leagues and the amendment of teams due to the selection process)

Squad Selection

  • Coaches are constantly analysing players throughout the season. They will move players within a season if necessary, but any changes will generally happen pre summer season at the end of March, or in June where coaches will carry out trials if necessary for the start of the winter season. 
  • The announcement of Summer and Winter squads will be done via email. Players who are moving to a lower squad will be contacted before selection via email is sent out. 

Website Link

  • The website will be the main tool for communication from now on. Links will be sent via email when new information is available. 

Please have a look at the website as it has essential info already on e.g. term dates; contact details; venue addresses; kit form etc.

Codes of Conduct

  • 3x Codes of conducts will be sent out soon for completion: PLAYERS/PARENTS/COACHES The content of these will be taken from the committee meeting points and guidance from England Netball

Club Policies

To make things as clear as possible we are putting together Club policies on the following points. Thank you for all those who attended the Committee meeting and the AGM for assisting with the vital info needed for these:

  • Matches
  • Training
  • Communication with coaches
  • Selection
  • Tournaments
  • Club Communication

……..And more if needed